for better MTGO prices

ClanTeam is a Magic the Gathering Online trading bot chain, trying to offer everyone the top prices for all cards. This sounds quite ambitious, we will try our best. Help us improve. Let us know if you have any idea. 

Why choose ClanTeam bots on MTGO?

  • Best prices: our buy and sell realtime prices are publicly available
  • Large stock: all the standard cards and most from older sets as well
  • Foils: just check ClanTeamFoil, and you will see..
  • Boosters: we use extremly low spread on
  • Buying everything without limit... Yes, even buying plain lands or avatars. And yes, really unlimited. Test it!
  • Full redeemable sets: You can buy/sell/swap sets at a discounted price
  • Buying collections, just send an email with your stock (csv)
  • Need a customized MTGO software (bot)? Contact us...